Great Cars: Volkswagen DVD

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The VW "Beetle" was the longest running automotive phenomenon in the world. Conceived in the 1930's, the last Beetle of the original design rolled off the assembly line in Mexico City in 2003. This confirmed its position as the best selling car in the history of the automobile. The new version has become a cult favorite and is part of the company that sprang from this simple idea for a car for the German masses. The first "Beetle" was designed by, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche. Originally, it was part of Adolf Hitler's plan for a People's car. Although it's endured over 78,000 modifications, its basic design remained the same. The original "Beetle" was made in more countries than any other car, including the United States, Africa, Mexico and Britain. The "Beetle" is one of the world's best examples of great engineering and exceptional design.