Automotive Jewelry, Volume One: Mascots and Badges [Hardcover]

SKU: 18831
UPC: 9.78099E+12
Author: Michael Furman

Mascots and badges are a unique art form that have identified automotive marques since the late 19th century. This “automotive jewelry” has been beautifully presented in photographs by Michael Furman, and with enlightened commentary from an internationally renowned group of historians, designers, authors, collectors and curators. This significant group includes, among others, Robert Cumberford, Ed Welburn, Sandra Button, Paul Russell, Simon Moore, Sam Mann, Nicola Bulgari, Donald Osborne, Simon Kidston, Richard Adatto, Robert Ingram, Christian Philippsen, Teckla Rhoads and Robert Strand. Their unique perspectives and insights will heighten the experience of 200 mascots and badges presented in an elegant museum-style edition.