50 Shades of Rust [Hardcover]

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Author: Tom Cotter
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Strap yourself down - you're in for one WILD ride!

Veteran barn finder extraordinaire Tom Cotter is back with his most diverse, bizarre, and sumptuous collection of stories yet.  50 Shades of Rust will take you to places you never dared to imagine and show you just how far some people will go to feed their obsessions.

But don't sweat (yet) - you'll also find some familiar faces along this bold new journey.  Veteran collectors like Jay Leno and barn finders Geoff Hacker and somer Hooker are along for the ride.  As cash changes hands and the stakes grow, you'll learn about some truly incredible vehicles and the people behind their dark, rusty doors.  From Cobras and Corvettes to Porsches, Packards, and other more vivacious and voluptuous models, these stories will intrigue and beguile, titillate and possess you, and keep you asking for more.

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